What’s going to be hot in 2017?

From Jessica Gay, FoodBev Media

The year ahead looks set to be dominated by healthy eating, including a shift away from sugar and even back towards good fats, new ways to get your protein fix, and increased demand for healthy pulses and grains. Here, Jessica Gay takes a look at the five most promising trends for 2017.

New ways to protein fix

Following on from the rise in healthy snacks, protein is still a key focal point in 2017. Plant-based proteins will continue to increase, with more brands utilising its benefits. This will affect all sectors of the food and drink sector, including convenience meals, snacks and beverage options.

Canadian start-up Veggemo has recently launched a new line of dairy alternative drinks using pea protein. Likewise Pulsin has launched a dedicated pea protein powder. The rise of pea protein could spell the decline of soy, especially given some health concerns connected with the bean.

We may also see a rise in new forms of protein. Under used meats and fish such as goat and sardines could see resurgence, especially with the increased concern over the environmental impact of traditional meats.